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Beaufield intersects 5.9 g/t Au over 4 metres at Urban-Windfall

Beaufield Resources Inc. (“Beaufield”) is pleased to report drill results from its fall program on the Rouleau Gold Zone in the Urban-Windfall area. The 12 hole drill program totaling 1,284 metres had the objective of identifying gold mineralization in the near surface portion of the Rouleau Gold Zone located 7 kilometres southeast of Osisko Mining’s Windfall gold deposit.

  • Significant gold intersected in 11 out of 12 holes
  • Gold intersected over 500 metres strike length
  • Higher grades of up to 15 g/t Au intersected in the eastern-most holes
  • Current program was limited to the first 80 metres from surface
  • Gold mineralization remains open along strike and at depth
  • Drilling to continue on the Rouleau Gold Zone during the winter


Best drill results are listed in table 1 and are discussed further below. The drill holes were systematically drilled from west to east along the historical Rouleau Gold Zone.

Table 1: 2016 Rouleau Gold Zone drilling best results

Hole From (m) To (m) Interval (m)1 Gold (g/t)
BLR-16-01 42.00 49.00 7.00 0.28
80.00 81.00 1.00 2.54
BLR-16-02 21.00 26.00 5.00 0.23
BLR-16-03 41.00 42.00 1.00 3.71
57.00 69.00 12.00 2.09
including 62.00 63.00 1.00 13.30
BLR-16-04 73.00 76.00 3.00 2.01
BLR-16-05 10.00 11.00 1.00 1.16
58.00 59.00 1.00 2.00
BLR-16-06 45.00 50.00 5.00 2.07
BLR-16-07 47.00 54.00 7.00 0.69
BLR-16-08 25.00 36.00 11.00 2.73
including 31.00 35.00 4.00 5.90
52.00 53.00 1.00 3.77
60.00 62.00 2.00 1.77
BLR-16-09 56.00 60.00 4.00 1.41
BLR-16-10 17.00 33.00 16.00 1.24
including 30.00 33.00 3.00 2.47
BLR-16-11 40.00 44.00 4.00 0.60
BLR-16-11 93.00 94.00 1.00 15.10
BLR-16-12 48.00 63.00 15.00 1.50
including 59.00 60.00 1.00 15.40

Note 1: True Widths are estimated at 50 – 85%

Beaufield’s drill program was designed to determine gold mineralization continuity in areas with no record of prior drilling and near surface  (less than 65m vertical). The holes where collared within an anomalous induced polarization horizon associated with pyrite, in a known gold bearing breccia along a 500 metre long portion of the gold zone.

Hole BLR-16-01 was collared approximately 300 metres West of the surface expression of the Rouleau Gold Zone. It intersected two anomalous gold zones associated with a breccia within a diorite. No previous drilling has been recorded here.

Holes BLR-16-02 to BLR-16-05 were collared approximately from 50 to 150 metres West of the surface expression of the Rouleau Gold Zone. Best results were from hole BLR-16-03 which intersected two gold zones, including a 12 metre wide section grading 2.09 g/t Au.  The gold mineralization is associated with a breccia within a tuff unit located a few metres from a diorite.

Holes BLR-16-06 to BLR-16-09 were collared within 60 metres of the surface expression of the Rouleau Gold Zone. Best results were from hole BLR-16-08 which intersected three distinct gold zones, including an 11 metre wide section grading 2.73 g/t Au.  This gold mineralization is associated with a pyrite bearing sedimentary unit located near a mylonite zone.

Holes BLR-16-10 and BLR-16-11 were collared 100 metres East of the surface expression of the Rouleau Gold Zone. Hole BLR-16-10 intersected a 16 metre wide zone grading 1.24 g/t Gold associated with a mylonite zone.  Hole BLR16-11 intersected a higher grade of 15.1 g/t Gold over a metre in tuff and associated with quartz-fushite-tourmaline.

Holes BLR-16-12 was collared 200 metres East of the surface expression of the Rouleau Gold Zone and intersected a 15 metre wide zone grading 1.5 g/t Gold, including 15.4 g/t Gold over a metre, and associated with a mylonitized shear zone.  No drilling is recorded east of this hole and mineralization remains open in this direction.

Drilling will continue on the Rouleau Gold Zone over the course of the winter to test for mineralization along strike and at depth. A newly updated geological model of the Rouleau Gold Zone compiled by Geologica Groupe Conseil of Val d’Or will assist in the planning of the drill campaign. An initial interpretation of the model suggests that the system extends over at least 900 metres and remains open along strike and at depth. Typically in the region, gold grades tends to get better with depth. Select historical drill holes were also reviewed and sampled.

The Urban property is to remain the principal focus of the corporation’s exploration activities for 2017. Centrally located within the Urban-Windfall area, the 100% owned, 12,735 hectare property host a number of important gold occurrences and excellent geology, and is easily accessible by road year round.

Beaufield will resume drilling this month in Urban on the Golden Retriever zone where a 3,000 metre drill program is planned. The target zone is adjacent and on strike with Osisko’s Black Dog property which host significant gold mineralization and is currently being drilled. Drilling will continue on the Rouleau Gold Zone once the Golden Retriever drilling is completed.

Please refer to Beaufield’s website for the company’s corporate presentation, including maps of Beaufield’s Urban property and its neighbors.


Quality Control

Beaufield’s  drill program includes descriptive logging and systematic sampling of the drill core for analysis. A total 807 samples were taken from the drill core. Every sampled interval was split in half with a core splitter or cut with a diamond blade saw. Half of any sampled core was left in the core box for future reference and the remaining half was bagged and sealed and sent to a commercial laboratory. Quality control samples (duplicate, blanks and standards) were systematically inserted in the sequence. Assays are performed at ALS CHEMEX Laboratories in Val d’Or, Quebec. The processed samples were submitted to a standard Fire Assay with AA technique (Au-AA-23) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectroscopy (ME-ICP-41) on a 30 gram sub-sample. True widths of the new exploration intercepts reported in this press release have yet to be determined and are estimated to vary between 50 and 85%.



Qualified Person

This news release has been prepared by Mathieu Stephens, P.Geo., Vice President of Exploration and Corporate Development for Beaufield, the Qualified Person, as defined by National Instrument 43-101.



About Beaufield:

Beaufield is a well financed mineral exploration company with its exploration activity focused in Quebec and Ontario. Please refer to Beaufield’s website to view the company’s properties in Urban-Windfall, Eleonore-Opinaca, Troilus and Hemlo where a 100% interest was recently announced. The Corporation is actively exploring, well financed with approximately $2 million in cash, has no debt and has excess work credits on its properties.

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