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Beaufield Resources is developing its 100% owned Troilus-Tortingy Project located in Quebec, Canada. The high-grade Tortigny base metal deposit is located in the central portion of the property next to an all-weather road. In June 2014, a NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate was completed by Micon International on the deposit.


Location and Infrastructure

In the central portion of the property is the Tortigny massive sulfides deposit, which is located 1.5 kilometres from an all weather road (Route du Nord) approximately 100 kilometres north of the town of Chibougamau, Quebec. The road is maintained year round by the province of Quebec. A secondary road leads to the deposit area.

The town of Chibougamau acts as the main communication and supply center for the area. A number of government agencies and private businesses provide services to the mining and exploration sector. A long history of mining in the region has contributed to the development of a well-skilled work force. Regularly scheduled commercial flights are available to Chibougamau from Montreal. Two power lines are located in the area. The first, a high voltage line, is located approximately 30 kilometres west of the deposit and the other is located 40 kilometres east.

 Geology and Resources

The Troilus-Tortigny property, located in the geological Superior Province, lies within the eastern part of the Opatica Sub province, in the Archean Frotet-Evans greenstone belt. The greenstone belt is bounded to the north, south and east by large tonalitic batholiths. It is composed of two Archean volcanic piles separated by a sedimentary basin. The Tortigny deposit is hosted at the contact between two different basalt horizons and within a relatively thin sedimentary unit composed of wacke and mudstones. There is evidence of minor tuff units, indicative of the volcanic setting in which the genesis of mineralization occurred. Tortigny is considered to be a volcanic massive sulfides deposit which was subsequently remobilized within a synclinal fold. Several post deformation major faults traverse the deposit and may have displaced portions of the mineralization. A structural study of the deposit is scheduled for 2014 and will assist in planning for further exploration.

Mineralization at the Tortigny deposit consist of massive to semi-massive sulphides within a calcite-rich matrix.

In June 2014,  an updated  technical report on the Tortigny project, was completed in compliance with National Instrument 43-101 (July 21st, Press Release). As of  this date, the updated resource calculation for the Tortigny high grade polymetallic deposit is estimated to contain:

  • Measured plus Indicated Resources of 1,098,000 tonnes grading 1.78% Cu, 3.65% Zn, 48.51 g/t Ag, 0.35 g/t Au;
  • Measured Resources of 550,000 tonnes grading 2.3% copper (Cu), 4.23% zinc (Zn), 59.99 g/t silver (Ag) 0.43 g/t gold (Au);
  • Indicated Resources of 548,000 tonnes grading 1.18% Cu, 3.09% Zn, 36.19 g/t Ag, 0.25 g/t Au; and
  • Inferred Resources of 99,000 tonnes grading 1.19% Cu, 1.23% Zn, 12.45 g/t Ag and <0.1 g/t Au.

The Technical Report, based on 34,581 metres of drilling and 7,273 metres of sampling was completed by Micon International Limited (“Micon”), an independent consulting company, based in Toronto, Canada. The report was filed with SEDAR on August 7th, 2014 and can also be view  and on Beaufield’s website (report link)


Select Tortigny Drill Holes

Hole Location From (m) To (m) Interval (m) Zn (%) Cu (%) Ag (g/t) Au (g/t)
TO-10-25 Medium 92.65 132.00 39.35 9.27 5.17 134.55 0.72
TO-10-27 Shallow 10.00 97.50 87.50 5.91 1.87 55.49 0.39
TO-11-31 Shallow 6.90 24.35 17.45 13.08 6.89 192.81 0.95
TO-11-31 Shallow 62.00 93.70 31.70 6.93 3.75 100.02 0.54
TO-11-35 Medium 93.40 109.10 15.70 10.43 4.89 125.87 1.96
TO-13-02 Deep 223.00 239.00 16.00 8.73 5.24 124.04 1.08

Source: Beaufield Resources 2010-2011 Drilling Report (MERN GM 68108)

A metallurgical study was done with the estimate and determined that recovery levels were very good, with a recovery ratio of up to 97% for zinc and up to 96% for copper were projected.

An updated 43-101 resource calculation by Micon International is underway and will include additional drilling that was done on the deposit in the fall of 2013. The new resource estimate is expected by June 2014.


Exploration and Outlook

At depth, the morphology of Tortigny deposit is not fully understood. Several important faults cross the deposits in multiple directions and small sulfides lenses seem to occur in several locations. A structural study of the deposit is underway which will assist with future exploration.

The area within a 5 kilometres radius of the deposit is considered very prospective for further discoveries. Volcanic massive sulfide deposits tend to occur in clusters and in areas where volcanic activity was prevalent in the past. The presence of considerable regional geological tuffs formations around Tortingy indicates that the area witnessed considerable volcanic activity in the past.

At the property level, several areas of interest have potential for gold and base metals discovery. One notable example is a large block of claims located in the southeast corner of the Troilus property. In 2013, a large massive sulphide boulder was assayed by Beaufield and returned assayed 8.01% copper and 20.07 g/t gold (July 24th, News Release). These areas are considered “grassroots” and further exploration work is planned for the area.


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